Training & Advisory Services


I[SR] has developed module training in a wide range of topics including:

Social Performance Management
It provides practitioners with guidance on how to better translate their social mission into practice. This includes an analysis of recognized international standards in terms of environmental, social and financial performance, as well as specific policies and practices to achieve responsible financial inclusion.

Client Protection
This course encompasses an analysis of organizations’ best practices in terms of customer care. Participants engage in lively discussion on topics such as clients’ grievance mechanisms, debt-collection practices, transparency and product suitability.

Corporate Governance
It provides boards of directors with practical guidance and tools to strengthen structures and processes. By setting a clear understanding of key actors, responsibilities and structures, this training helps board members meet their social and financial objectives as well as better monitor and improve their organizations’ performance.

Risk Assessments
This course helps institutions become more resilient to different kind of risks, by better identifying, monitoring and prioritizing them. This includes, but is not limited to, liquidity, operational, compliance, reputational and pricing risks.

Financial Sustainability Performance
It provides participants with a strong understanding of key financial and operational ratios used in the industry, along with guidance on the identification of potential sources of financial stress that could cause or lead to disruption or harm to their customers. This includes an analysis of an organization’s financial health measured by its liquidity, capital and cost structure, as well as its funding source sustainability.

Blended Finance
This course is designed to help participants acquire a foundational knowledge on the strategic use of philanthropic funds and development finance. Blended finance has been recognized as a successful tool to scale up investments and decrease costs, while empowering high-impact enterprises.


I[SR] provides the following advisory services:

Capacity Building
Due Diligence
Strategy Development
Research & Analysis