Audit Services

Inclusion [Social Ratings] provides the following audits services:

Social Performance Audit

Inclusion [Social Ratings] has developed its own Social Audit methodology to help an organization assess its practices against the Universal Standards of Social Performance Management.
The Social Performance Audit identifies an organization’s strengths and weaknesses and also provides an action plan that will help the organization prioritize the areas in need of improvement.


Inclusion [Social Ratings]’ team counts with Advisors that have been certified by Cerise as SPI4 Qualified Auditors.
Our team of advisors are able to conduct SPI4 audits that, based on an institution needs, can be accompanied by raise awareness training on social performance management practices and guidance to prioritize the areas that need improvement and mentoring on how to implement the Action Plan.

Why do a Social Performance Audit / SPI4?

  1. To demonstrate your organization social compromise.
  2. To acquire an understanding of your organization’s strengths and opportunities to improve.
  3. To obtain an action plan with prioritizing areas that need improvement.
  4. To compare your SPI4 results to peer benchmarks.

Download our Methodology

Which dimensions do the Social Audit and SPI4 measure?

Both, the Social Audit and SPI4 are fully aligned with the Universal Standards of Social Performance Management, including the Client Protection Principles.